Mini-game Mania

Old fashioned text based game done with C++ and compatible with Leap Motion

I wanted to create a game with Leap Motion, but we're scripting people, not really artists, so Unity was out of the picture. I wanted to do a huge backend work to show off some backend skill, so I decided upon C++ 11 as the language to work with.

Our target user is people who are artists and want to get backend stuff to go with the front end UI that they might make or want to make. Other gamer enthusiasts are invited to check it out as well.

The biggest feature that we are proud of includes the three mini games that we got working. Two of them work with the leap motion, and the last one can be accessed in the menu, but only works with the keyboard. We're really excited about this project! This was our first time completing a desktop application that works on terminal or command line.

You can check out the complete repository at

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