Use your finger to pew pew.

Technology has always been my passion, and that is why I created ShootGuy.

I wanted to build a game that would make a difference in people's lives – a game that would inspire them to do more.

Life is always moving at a fast pace, and that was why I needed ShootGuy. ShootGuy's brilliant mechanics deliberately forces the player into a new paradigm.

Cloud Technology

We used cloud technology to generate the cloud particle effects that occur when you shoot a physical object that isn't a human.


Taking inspiration from arcade games such as Time Crisis and House of the Dead, ShootGuy tunes it back to a simpler time of coin slots and quarters. The immersive technology of Leap Motion allows ShootGuy to perform just as well as arcade shooters, but without the need for clunky peripherals ... you just simple form a gun with your hand, and shoot!

"ShootGuy changed my life" - The Creator of ShootGuy

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